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Welcome to DB Dog Training

My name is Jayne Widdess, I live near Dereham in Norfolk and I have been doing Agility for a number of years now. I own 8 Border Collies all of who have competed or being trained to compete. I offer a range of services from agility training to behaviour modification which can be undertaken in your own home.

I have attended a number of Behaviour Courses, including Canine Aggression, Puppy Development, Dog Training and Behaviour Problem Solving, Dog Behavior Foundation Course, Dog Behaviour Counselling to name some of them. These were run by John Rogerson at the Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour

I have also attended several seminars conducted by Susan Garrett which has allowed me to develop my knowledge even further. These have included 2 x 2 weave training, and grid training which has benefited the training of my young dogs enormously and added to my knowledge of training a dog to jump.

I currently am trained by Bob Sharpe Field of Dreams, Scunthorpe. Bob visits regularly to train a group of us that follow his method of training

Price 1-1 lessons £20 per hour
Group sessions also available, price dependant on numbers.